I’m a university student who’s moving from the cushy life of self-catered accommodation to the frightful reality of a real house and, most significantly, home cooking. Watch me document my attempts at easy, cheap, tasty and (mostly) healthy cooking through my blog posts and recipes. I want this blog to become my own personal recipe book – and you are most welcome to share it.

Update: I’m currently living and working in Palma, Mallorca (on my year abroad) so stick around for some foreign-inspired cooking!


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  1. We may be on opposite ends of the age spectrum but I also am looking for cheap, easy, tasty and mostly healthy meals to cook! My days of elaborate cooking is pretty much over! Enjoy the journey…it’s fabulous!

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      1. Completely! We’re a busy bunch but I cry to see the sort of stuff some of us live off.
        I look forward to seeing what Mallorca brings you!


  2. Your gravatar mentioned cooking and cats, but not together. I have stepped out of the room before only to return and find one of the cats stealing the sizzling bacon right outta the pan. You are right, they do NOT go together!

    Your recipes are so much better than my 21 varieties of Ramen Noodles! Thanks for sharing and best of luck with school and your blog!


    1. I didn’t know cats could have a taste for bacon, mine is definitely more likely to be stealing some fish or milk/cream, quite unoriginal really! Thanks very much for your lovely comment, and thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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