peach & pineapple crumble

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Continuing my rejection of seasonal culinary norms (chicken paella at this time of year!), I decided to mix summer and winter by combining tinned peaches and pineapple with warming crumble to create a dessert that you can eat all year round. 

Ingredients to serve four:

  • tin of peaches in juice (£0.50, Tesco)
  • tin of pineapple in juice (£0.60, Tesco)
  • granulated sugar (£0.59, Tesco)
  • plain flour (£0.40, Tesco)
  • salted butter (£0.85, Tesco)


  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 5. Cut the fruit into small chunks if it is not already chopped and drain the juice, putting it to one side.
  2.  Place the fruit into a saucepan along with two tablespoons of the juice and one tablespoon of granulated sugar. Heat for a few minutes, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Grease an ovenproof dish and add the fruit.
  4. In a separate bowl place 100g granulated sugar, 150g plain flour and 75g of softened butter. Using your hands rub all the ingredients together until they resemble rough breadcrumbs.
  5. Pour this over the fruit and cook in the oven for 30-35 minutes, until golden on top.


Total cooking time: roughly 30-35 mins

Total preparation time: roughly 10 minutes

Price per portion: only about 50p per portion!


I used BBC Good Food’s Simple & Easy Apple Crumble recipe to get the quantities for the crumble topping and although it was simple it was really  tasty and crumbly! This is also very quick and can be rustled up with ingredients you probably will already have.




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