quick and easy mini pizzas

totally not having that all for myself…

These mini pizzas are so quick and easy – and pretty cheap too. I think the reason they’re so great is because they’re the type of food you’d find at a kid’s party – or at least at the ones I used to attend! – so there’s a certain sense of nostalgia for me. There’s also none of the hassle of making the dough so you can have all the fun with the toppings.

Ingredients to serve two or three:

  • White muffin 6 pack (£0.80, Tesco)
  • Tomato purée (£0.50, Tesco)
  • Mixed peppers or any other toppings (£0.99, Tesco)
  • Cheese (any you fancy – I chose Tesco medium white cheddar, £1.50 for 200g)
  • Ham (£1.79, Tesco)


  1. Cut the muffins in half and place face-down on a grill, toasting on one side.
  2. Take out of the grill and top each with a squeeze of tomato purée and spread out. I also did one with red pesto and one with green, so choose whichever you fancy. If you have any dried herbs you can also add them at this point, such as basil and oregano.


3. Now you can add the toppings! Go as crazy as you like – I only had peppers and ham in the fridge so I kept it fairly simple. Add a good amount of grated cheese before you add all the toppings.


4. Place under the grill for another few minutes until the cheese has melted. And then it’s done! This is such a quick and easy meal, which you can have for lunch on its own or with a fresh salad for dinner.

Preparation and cooking time: roughly 10 minutes

Price per portion: roughly £1.50, dependent on your chosen toppings

The good thing about these muffins is that they freeze easily – keep some in your freezer for when you don’t have time for anything else. I also love the versatility of tomato purée, check out my easiest ever herby tomato sauce to see how it can make a very quick pasta sauce.

I hope you liked this idea – it’s great for families as well as any children at heart like me!


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