salmon and red pesto pasta

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So I know I said I was fed up with pesto pasta in my very first post, but trust me, this is much more than pesto pasta. It’s really delicious. I’m a member of Tesco Orchard – a free product-testing initiative – and I recently was offered a place in their ‘Fresh Fish’ programme. Being me, I jumped at the opportunity (free food in return for a review or two, who could resist?) and chose fresh salmon.

Usually I would prefer to serve salmon with a light, creamy, white sauce. However, after a little online research I decided to create something a bit different, and here are the results. 

Ingredients to serve four:

  • 2 boneless salmon fillets (£3, Tesco – although it was free for me)
  • Wholewheat penne pasta (£0.59, Tesco)
  • Red pesto (£1, Tesco)
  • Red and yellow peppers (£0.99, pack of 3, Tesco)
  • Courgette (£0.40, Tesco)
  • Lemon (£0.30, Tesco)


  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 7. Chop two peppers and half a courgette into chunks then lay them out on a deep oven tray. Add a dash of oil and season with ground pepper, dried oregano and basil. Time this for 35 minutes, turning halfway through.
  2. Boil water in a large saucepan and when there are 12 minutes to go, add 300g of penne pasta.
  3. Heat up a frying pan with a little oil over a low/medium heat. After a minute or so, add the salmon and fry. Allow it to fry for roughly 4/5 minutes on either side, then gently start to break up the salmon with a spatula and fry for a couple more minutes, until all the fish is the same light pink colour and broken into small pieces.
  4. Take a large mixing bowl and combine the roasted vegetables, salmon and drained pasta along with ground pepper, dried parsley, dried oregano, a generous squeeze of lemon and two large teaspoons of pesto. Mix it all together and add a little more pesto if necessary. In my opinion it is nicer to just lightly coat everything in pesto, so that the flavours of the salmon and roasted vegetables can still come through. Serve with the remaining lemon.

Total cooking time: roughly 35 minutes

Preparation time: 5/10 minutes

Price per portion: £1.57 if you paid for the salmon – £0.82 if you didn’t! Even if you’re not a member of Tesco Orchard it’s a pretty reasonable meal

I really loved this meal, it was quick, easy to prepare and above all, very tasty. I think it is going to become a firm favourite of mine!


2 thoughts on “salmon and red pesto pasta

  1. I have never made fish since I started blogging. This looks simple enough for me to start my ‘fish category’ and also let me know how to get a free Tesco Salmon (LOL). Have a pleasant day!


  2. Thanks! Yeah it’s really easy and because you break up the salmon you can easily see that it’s cooked through (I’m so scared of food poisoning haha!) You too 🙂


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