fancy salmon sandwiches


I’m a bit picky in that I won’t just eat a plain ham sandwich for lunch and make my life easy. Of course, if it’s a thick-sliced granary loaf with rocket and ham hock it’s a different story, but that is not a very sustainable lifestyle for a student. I also like a bit of variety – baked beans on toast for lunch every day is just not me.

Therefore I want to try and make some lunches that are tasty and enjoyable, but also affordable. I’m going to start with salmon – a personal favourite – as the tinned variety is pretty inexpensive. Read on if you are a sucker for salmon like me, and fancy spicing up your lunch without having to take out several part-time jobs just to pay for it all. 

Ingredients to serve one:

  • A small tin of salmon (Tesco Wild Pacific Pink Salmon 212g is on offer at the moment for £1.44)
  • Soft light cheese (£1, Tesco)
  • Wholemeal bread (Warburtons at Tesco for £0.79 – you can use Tesco value if you prefer)
  • Lemon (£0.40)
  • Cucumber (£0.49)
  • Red pepper (£0.60)
  • Reduced fat green pesto (£1, Tesco)


  1. Open the tin of salmon and using a spoon carefully remove all visible bones. The big bones look like small pieces of plastic – get rid of them – but the very thin bones that look like tiny white strands are not harmful as they are fairly soft. Gently break the fish apart with a spoon, this also helps you check that you have taken out all larger bones.
  2. Put half of the tin into a small bowl (the other half you can put into a container in the fridge and save for lunch the next day) and add a teaspoon of soft light cheese. This cheese is quite a healthy alternative to mayonnaise and helps make the fish more spreadable. Mix the cheese and salmon together – you can also add in some dried dill at this point too.
  3. Spread the salmon and cheese mix onto some wholemeal bread. Chop a few slices of cucumber and lay them on the top, then finish off with a squeeze of lemon and you’re done!

The second day you have the tinned salmon you can try this alternative version if you like pesto:

  1. Take the tinned salmon and add the same amount of soft light cheese as mentioned above. Then, take about half a teaspoon of green pesto and mix that in too. I recommend starting with a fairly small amount of pesto as it can easily overpower the subtle salmon flavour. When you are happy with the salmon/pesto ratio, spread it onto the wholemeal bread as before.
  2. Slice up a few pieces of red pepper and lay them on top of the pesto salmon mix. Add a squeeze of lemon (there should be plenty left-over from the previous day’s lunch), and enjoy!

Preparation time: roughly 10 minutes

Price per portion: this is harder to work out as you may already have bread, and this recipe only uses a small amount of cucumber, pesto and soft cheese (which can also be reused for different lunches), so it is roughly £1.50 or a little less.

I really like the pesto version of this sandwich, but it’s very important to get the ratio right. I might try red pesto instead of green sometime. Or green pesto and soft cheese on their own! Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.


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